Banana Hair Mask For Adorable Shiny & Soft Hair

Banana Hair Mask For Adorable Shiny & Soft Hair


Banana Hair Mask

Hello, today we will talk about the Banana Hair Mask. By the way, you already know about a hair mask and read many tips. Often people ask if there is a simple way to make our hair better. So I want to tell you that there are many ways. Today we will talk about one of them.

Today we’re going to talk about masks It is made of banana. Yes, you read right I write banana.
Banana Hair Mask is very helpful in making hair smooth and shiny.

Benefits of Banana for Hairs:

Bananas are great for your hair and head. It makes hair shiny. It Prevents and reduces dryness for hairs. And it softens head. Banana contains potassium natural oil carbonate and vitamins. Due to which the natural elasticity of hair remains. It also prevents hair fall and breakage.

Benefits Of Hair Mask:

  1. shinier, softer hair.
  2. added moisture.
  3. reduced hair breakage and damage.
  4. less frizz.
  5. A healthier scalp. stronger hair.
  6. Less environmental and merchandise damage.


  1. Bananas (2)
  2. Aloe Vera gel (1tbls)
  3. Honey (1tbls) (Optional)

How to Make:

First, put the banana and aloe Vera gel in a bowl. Then you add honey to it 2 spoons. If your hair is very Frizzy then you can also use castor oil in it. If you do not have castor oil, you can also use coconut oil in it. After this, the most important step is that you have to mix this mixture very smooth. You can use a blender to mix well. After making the paste, check that there are no lumps in it
If there are any lumps left in the mixer after the paste is made, take it out and use

How to Apply:

Then use the mixture on all your hairs. Divide the hair into small parts and apply this mask to all your hairs. If you use this hair mask two to three times a week, your hair will smooth a lot.
Leave this mask on hair for half an hour. Wash hair after half an hour, if you want, you can use shampoo.
After washing hair, your hair will become very smooth, Healthy, and Silky.


Smita July 1, 2020
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For Very healthy heir, nice

Ashish June 29, 2020
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Ifeoluwa June 17, 2020
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I love this

Archana June 15, 2020
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Very nice

Dee June 15, 2020
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Nature helps us... And it is sooo great! 🌿

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