Hair straightening treatment at the home

Hair straightening treatment at the home


  1. Olive oil  = 4 spoons
  2. yogurt  = 4 spoons
  3. aloe vera  = 1 leave
  4. Fenugreek (Metheray)= rice = 3 spoons
  5. Apple Vinegar = 2 spoons

How to Make:

A spoonful of fenugreek. 3 tablespoons rice. Put these two in a bowl. Now you have to wash them by adding water to it. After washing add some water in it at the moment.

And this mixture has to be soaked for the whole night in water. And cover it. In the morning when you see this mixer, the size will be bigger. Now you have to take a big leaf of aloe vera. 4 tbsp yogurt. Can Tablespoon Olive Oil. It can also use some other oil. The mixture that kept all night has to be filtered. To drain its water in a glass. Drain the water thoroughly. Put this mixture in a blender. After adding the mixture, add aloe vera gel to it. You have to stir the blender and mix this mixture well. When the mixer is well smoothed. Now, The blended mixture is to be poured into the curd. Then put 4 tablespoons of olive oil in it. Now with the help of a spoon, mix it well.

The water we took out. Put it in a spray bottle. Now add two teaspoons of Apple Vinegar to it.  Now the spray that is made in it should be thoroughly sprayed all over the hair. Divide the hair into sections and spray well. Yes, spray even where there is less hair. 

Now apply the mixture you have prepared on your whole head. You have to apply this mixture on your head for so long until your hair is a dry well. When the mask dries well. After dry, you have to wash your hair well. You can also shampoo your hair. Wash the hair thoroughly so that the mask comes out from the hair well. When the hair will dry after washing. You will get very silky and straight hair. 

I hope you guys use this trick. The mixture result will be shared with us.

Sumit June 24, 2020
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Nice written

Jagmohan singh June 23, 2020
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Very good and helpful information

Zeeshan June 22, 2020
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How to change white color hair into. Black? 

Nikhilesh Bisht June 18, 2020
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Sandeep June 18, 2020
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Druv Thakur June 18, 2020
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Nice work.

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