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Honey Facial | Farmacy honey serum

Honey Facial

Today I will explain to you how to make a facial with the help of the honey. One time use of the Honey Facial will make your face white and pink. This facial is suitable for all skin types. Honey is the best product for the skin. Honey contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial elements are present. Which removes all the skin problems and skin deeply moisturized. And also makes the skin clean beautiful and white. see more

Let’s start the facial
We have divided this facial into 4 parts.

1st Step: Cleansing
  1. Take raw milk in a bowl.
  2. Clean your face with the help of cotton.
  3. Clean your face for 5 minutes.
  4. After this, clean your face with the help of a cloth.
2nd Step: Scrubbing
  1. Take a bowl.
  2. Add tbsp of sugar to it.
  3. Add tbsp of lemon juice to it.
  4. Now add one tbsp of honey to the last.
  5. You mix it well. Now scrub your face well from this mixture.
  6. After scrubbing, wash your face with normal water.
3rd Step: Massage
  1. Take a bowl
  2. Add tbsp of honey to it
  3. Add a vitamin E capsule.
  4. Mix it now.
    Massage cream is ready
    Now massage your face with this massage cream for 10 to 15 minutes. After the massage, wash your face with lukewarm water.
4th step: Facepack
  1. Take a bowl.
  2. A tbsp of lentil powder.
  3. Add 1 pinch turmeric.
  4. Add 1 tbsp of honey.
  5. Add so much milk it becomes at a paste. Don’t be too thin, just be so fine that it sticks well on the face.
  6. Apply a good amount on the face.
  7. Let it dry After it is dry, wash your face with normal water.
  8. Now use rose water on your face.

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You will see a very visible difference Your face will start to glow a lot.

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